Our Mission

Recognizing that all people matter to God, and therefore matter to us, the purpose of Allen Creek Community Church is to provide every seeker in Snohomish County a place where they can become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

To accomplish our mission we choose to DO church differently, not just a different way of doing church services. We are committed to a Vision with a threefold pattern. We believe that this pattern is a contemporary expression of the New Testament church. (Acts 2:42-47)

Our Vision

  • To LOVE GOD and seek Him and his ways with all of our hearts. 
  • To LOVE THE CHURCH as disciples of Jesus journeying on the Way together.
  • To LOVE THE WORLD by winsomely presenting Biblical Truths to a world of spiritual seekers.

Love God

and seek Him and his ways with all of our hearts.

Love the Church

as fellow disciples of Jesus journeying on the Way together.

Love the World

by winsomely presenting Biblical Truths to a world of spiritual seekers. 

Our Values


Utilizing God's Word as the ultimate standard, we are committed to the pursuit of truth in all matters and purpose to live by it.

Intrinsic Worth of People

Human worth cannot be earned, lost or bestowed and is intrinsic to our being because we are created in the image of God. This dignity grants people the freedom of choice.

Grace and Mercy

Realizing the depths of God's love and forgiveness for us expressed through His grace (giving us what we don't deserve) and His mercy (not giving us what we do deserve), we will strive to extend to others these same principles in every situation.


We will strive to live our lives as people committed to being like Christ, authentic and consistent in what we say and do, which will serve as an example to others.


Doing that which is right, regardless of what has gone wrong, which includes being willing to be held accountable for what we say and do and to treat each other with equity and fairness. "Never look for justice, but never cease to give it." Oswald Chambers


We will do everything to the best of our ability because this reflects the glory of God and He deserves our best. Excellence thrives where passion and creativity abound. It is our desire never to bore people out of the kingdom of God.


Selflessness is a desire to bring glory to God. With Christ as our example, we will humbly serve each other. We recognize that there is no hierarchy established.

Position Statements

AC3 holds to a basic set of positions on a variety of topics revolving around the Christian Faith and on several of today’s controversial issues. If you would like to discuss any of these topics in a deeper manner, please contact Pastor Rick who would be happy to do so!