20/20 Vision

C.O.A.T. Initiative

Grab your COAT and jump in!

What is COAT?

AC3’s COAT initiative was established during our 20/20 quest to see ourselves more clearly. We asked a variety of questions including… Who are we? What do we value? Are we the church God is calling us to be? 

As updates on our COAT journey come into focus, we will post new information here. 

C = Community

C: represents our commitment to developing rich community within AC3. We will pursue relational warmth, authenticity and care from the moment a person touches our church community until they are enfolded into committed familial bonds in small groups.

Media & Blog Posts:

4/05/2021 – E-Groups: Reliable Change
6/16/2020 – E-Groups have Launched

O = Outreach

O: represents our commitment to outreach outside the walls of AC3.  We will develop disciples of Christ who create relational connections with outsiders and who invent opportunities to care and share the love and life of Jesus with Marysville.

Media & Blog Posts:

3/22/2020 – O is for Outreach Livestream

Meet the Triad - Staff, Board and Elders (Click Photo)

A = Accountability

A: represents our commitment to accountability within the Teams of AC3.  We will hold ourselves responsible for performing our tasks well, will speak the truth about how to improve and to encourage each other to remain passionate and always offer Jesus our best.

  • Leadership Restructured
  • Goals/Reporting
  • Conflict Resolution/Short Accounts

Media & Blog Posts:

3/29/2020 – COAT Livestream @ 29:45
6/9/2021 – Welcome Alex to Our Team!

T = Transcendence

T: represents our commitment to transcendence inside the worship of AC3.  We will create moments that enable connection with God in ways that stir the hearts of seekers to recognize God’s voice and that cause believers to open and transform by the Holy Spirit. 

  • Simplified Structures – Adult and Children’s Services 
  • Worship Integration
  • Focused Creative Arts
  • Night Light Prayer and Devo Online (Wed. @ 7pm)

Media & Blog Posts:

4/05/2020 – T is for Transcendence Livestream