Our Senior Team

Rick Thiessen

Senior Pastor

Rick’s teaching brings messages to life in an understandable and relatable way. He also can act! Just wait until you see his version of The Church Lady.

Dan Hazen

Executive Pastor

Dan’s passion comes through in his teaching, music, and stewardship of God’s creation. His engineering past ties messages together in a way that is clear and meaningful.

Johnna Thiessen

Creative Teams Director

Johnna is committed to keeping the 11th commandment: “Thou shalt not bore AC3ers and their friends with the good news of the Gospel.” Her creativity and programming passion drive messages home through skits, video, music, and other creative elements.

Kellie Ade

Assistant Creative Teams Director

Kellie is a gifted musician, singer, actor, writer, cartoonist, blogger, and artist. Her humble and laid back personality never shouts, “Ta Da!” because she knows the Father who is the giver of all good gifts. James 1:17

Jeff Swanson

Music Director

Jeff’s leadership, musical skills, and a quiet love for God encourage his team’s performance of key songs and worship sets. He has a unique talent and passion for developing young adults as musicians and Christ followers.

Braeden Crain

Youth Director

Braeden’s leadership, creativity, passion for excellence, and ability to relate with students makes her a perfect AC3 Youth Director.

Twila Crain

Seeds of Grace & Kreek Kids Director

Twila has earned the title ‘Up-Cycle Queen’ for breathing new life into props and items pronounced dead around AC3. But up-cycling people, spiritually and physically, is her true passion. From our littlest seekers in Kreek Kids to those wanting a hand up in our community, she sees and encourages who they can become in Christ.

Trina Perry

Saturday Evening Kreek Kids Director

Trina (aka Titanium Teacher in Kreek Kids) has the secret super power to flex time. How else could she pack 30 hours of activities into a 24 hour day? Her get-‘r-done approach to life, work, and ministry serves her well as our Saturday night Kreek Kids Director and for the many ministry projects that she leads around AC3.

Sarah Ade

Office Administrator

Sarah’s winsome smile is the welcoming sight you’ll see as you walk through AC3’s office doors: Tuesday-Thursday, 10-4 (ish). Her God-given gift mix and fun personality draws her outside our office doors weekly to serve in youth ministry, meet with individuals, and to lead our communication and first impression teams. She’s more than an office administrator, she’s our Wonder Woman!

Chandra White

Prepare the Way Preschool Director

Chandra is affectionately known as AC3’s Preschool Whisperer. We’re not quite sure how she does it but her soft and gentle way of teaching young students builds them up and brings out the best in each and every child in her classroom. If you’re looking for a Marysville preschool, be sure to check out Prepare The Way.

Nate Crain

Video & Graphics Creator

Nate takes the lead when it comes to creating opportunities where families and individuals can ‘do life’ together. He understands that authentic community is key to real growth; as individuals and followers of Christ. He is an active father of two busy boys, husband, and a softball and golf enthusiast. He still finds time to volunteer large chunks of time as our lead video and graphics developer.

Our Support Teams

Elder Board

Our Elder Board is responsible for setting AC3’s spiritual direction and providing guidance to church staff and members.


Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is responsible for the church finances and legal liabilities.


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