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  • AC3 is a place for people like you.
  • Real people.
  • At AC3 we take God very seriously
  • ...but we don't take ourselves too seriously at all.

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Current Series


not a fan

Moving from being just fans of Jesus to becoming true followers of Jesus and what the difference is between those two attitudes.

  Sept. 6&7      Decision or Disciple

  Sept. 13&14  Knowing God or Just Knowing About God

  Sept. 20&21  The Invitation To Follow

  Sept. 27&28  Following Whenever, Whatever & Wherever

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AC3 News & Events

Morph Fall Kick-off Tuesday September 9th at 6pm

-This is our Senior High Youth group. They meet Tuesdays 6-8pm. Email for more information.

Kreek Kids Meet and Chat Sept 20 and 21

-Saturday, Sept. 20th at  7:45pm and Sunday, Sept. 21st at 11:30am: Are you a new AC3 family or just feeling out of the Kreek Kids’ info loop? Plan on attending Meet & Chat, where you‘ll meet with one of our Kreek Kids teachers or leaders. You’ll get your questions answered and can even take a tour! Text Twila at 425-319-8043 in advance and we’ll have a latte’ waiting for you.

Jr High group RELIC Kicks-off Wednesday Sept 10th 6pm

-RELIC is designed for junior high students and is held Wednesdays 6-8pm at AC3. Questions email

Life on Purpose in Extended during September

-Have you been curious about our next step elective classes? But classes during the week just don't work with your schedule. We are making it easier for YOU to attend our Life on Purpose elective. During September we will be teaching our Life on Purpose course during the extended teaching time on Saturday at 7:45pm and Sunday at 11:40am.

What's Life on Purpose? LOP introduces spiritual growth habits that are key to experiencing the life that God intends for each of us. This new life doesn’t just form in us by accident, it happens on purpose as we begin new practices. this seminar will show that you don’t have to be a spiritual giant to develop the life that you (and God) have always wanted! Among the new practices discussed in one-day seminar are prayer, Bible study, community and giving. Apply the “how to’s” of Christian living. LIFE ON PURPOSE is practical experience in living a fully-devoted Christian life. More than just knowledge and theory, it’s actually LIVING the life with a group of friends at your side.

AC3 Mission Tuesday Sept 30th from 7-9pm

-At MISSION, you will find out 'why we do, what we do'. It is an overview of Allen Creek, our mission, vision, strategy and what it means to be a fully functioning member of the local church. We review God’s vision for our community and spend time imagining what it would be like to be a church that is totally sold - out to God, truly committed to one another and really caring for the world. We serve yummy snacks so sign up at the info center or email

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