AC3 Youth

Helping students grow individually and spiritually.

Youth Ministry

We are committed to helping students of all ages grow as individuals, socially and spiritually, so they can make a positive impact on their world.

Our Youth Director, Braeden Crain, leads our two youth programs:

R.E.L.I.C. - Junior High

When? WEDNESDAYS: 6-8pm
Where? AC3 Auditorium

Relic (noun) An object, custom, etc. that has survived the passage of time. Something that is kept as a keepsake or souvenir because of it’s historic interest, it’s age or it’s associations with the past. An object esteemed or cherished; a memento.

Also an acronym! Relationally Empowering Lives In Christ

Morph - High School

When? TUESDAY: 6-8pm
Where? AC3 Auditorium

Morph (verb) To gradually change from one image into another.

Helping students to become more like Christ each day.

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