Are Vaccine Mandates the “Mark of the Beast?”

What is the relationship between Covid Vaccines, the mandates surrounding them and the Mark of the Beast?  So many places are still hunkering down in a coercive stance that says, get the vax or be cut off from society.  Doesn’t the bible say there will come a time you can't buy anything, go anywhere, or basically live without the Mark?

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Is C.S. Lewis a Prophet?

I've seen people described as "prophetic photographers". I don't even know what that means. In other circles it's anyone who has an artistic bent, a "free spirit" or a little eccentric. Still others define it as the ability to see into the future. So, is C.S. Lewis a prophet?

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AC3 Position on Prophecy

The Prophetic Gift The divine enablement to reveal a Spirit inspired message from God and proclaim it in a timely and relevant manner for understanding, correction, encouragement, comfort, repentance or…

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Was Abraham Really a Prophet?

QUESTION: In Genesis, shortly after Abraham instructed Sarah to call herself merely Abe's sister to avoid being murdered while in a foreign land, God personally showed up in the dream…

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Was Nostradamus a Prophet?

QUESTION: What’s your take on Nostradamus?  Was he a prophet?RESPONSE:  First, we should ask what a prophet is.  Every culture and worldview system has its predictors of the future, because…

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