AC3 VB191 Elemental For Gods Glory

Sorry everyone this is last weeks video blog that I forgot to post here on the blog :/ Enjoy a little late and there is another coming out soon! :)…

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Water Gifts-Elemental-Week 4

Drip, Drop, Roar! It starts as just a droplet, then another, then another, each drop joining its kind to first become a puddle. Then it continues with each drop becoming…

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Earth Gifts-Elemental-Week 3

"Craftsmanship is one my giftings."   I remember many years ago about the time that the first Matrix movie came out, Dan Hazen taught a class about how to measure what…

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AC3 VB190 Elemental “Win”

What's the "Win" for our current series Elemental? Find out in this weeks video blog with Rick and Dan as they discuss more on Elemental. Enjoy! :)

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Fire Gifts-Elemental-Week 2

Fire! the readout said moments after I clicked for My Result. The giftings I have received from the Holy Spirit are represented by fire - at least according to the…

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AC3 VB189 Elemental

We have a new series starting up this weekend. Watch this weeks video blog as Rick and Dan discuss our new series "Elemental". Enjoy! :)

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Miracle Gifts–Elemental-Week 1

I became a Christian at 15.  And almost instantly it seemed, I started looking differently at that institution which was simultaneously, the bane of my existence, the dominant feature of…

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