Friendsgiving Celebration 2021

AC3 recently hosted a Friendsgiving celebration. There was lots of food, fun, and chatter shared by all. I loved it! And who wouldn't? It was so heartwarming to see AC3ers…

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Standing Up and Standing Out

by Christian Love The song “The Stand” by Hillsong UNITED(2008), asks the question: “What can I say? And what can I do?”.  The song’s question represents the feeling many of…

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Constructive Connections-Part 2

Constructive Connections is a fiction series.  It’s the beginning tale of how each person is formed perfectly by God to enhance the narrative of life.  Constructive Connection reflects how each…

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Rapt Devotion

Sitting outside Dairy Queen in the pouring rain watching a first “date” is where I began writing this evening.  The young woman sitting to the left and the young man…

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AC3 VB119 A New Season

Check out this weeks video blog with Dan. Enjoy! :)

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AC3 VB117 Community Driven

Dan is on location this week! Check out this weeks video blog right here. Enjoy :)

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Accepting the Challenge…Part 1

Guest Blogger: Jaime Dodds 350 brunch attendees...50 children...20 childcare volunteers...320 mason jars...wood and burlap all over the place...months of prep. The AC3 20th anniversary celebration that took place in December…


AC3 VB72 Baptism

Enjoy this weeks video blog as Rick and Dan talk about our upcoming baptism.

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