Don’t Ask, Just Follow

Listening when it doesn't make sense. So there I was, managing this coffee stand at the church. Handling the tracking of money and helping with every aspect of the operation. For…

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AC3 VB28 Community Partnership *Red Curtain

Filming on location this week at the Red Curtain Foundation. Watch as Rick and Dan talk about the upcoming Cotton Patch Gospel drama being held at AC3 this August and…

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“This is a busy place!”

So, I came storming into the office last night at about 6:15 to grab my pack and other stuff after spending an hour hauling compost around the A&T High School…

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AC3 VB18 SOG Resource Exchange *Update*

This weeks video blog is an update on what's going on at SOG Resource Exchange. Enjoy! :)

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AC3 VB Series DNA Part 6 “A Safe Place”

In Part 6 of our AC3 DNA series Dan and Rick talk about creating a safe place to seek and ask questions about the gospel if you are a seeker.…

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Chazown class was incredible. I can only dream at this point that every member of our church, every member of our community would find God's vision for their lives. The…

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The Story, From the Inside

In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God and the Word was God. Our Christmas service at AC3 this year will feature 'The Story', an awesome, modernized musical…