What was Lost, Now is Found

Rejoice- Rescue- Light a lamp- Scour the house- Party - The prodigal son - I have sinned against God - Went home to His Father - Embraced by the Father-…

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AC3 Position on Baptism

Allen Creek's Statement on Baptism Allen Creek Community Church believes Scriptural teaching on Baptism may be summarized as follows: Baptism is an act of obedience to the command of Christ,…

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AC3 Position on Child Dedication

Q. What is Child Dedication? A. Child dedication is a public commitment before God, your church, and your family. The dedication service provides you, the parent(s), an opportunity to publically…

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AC3 VB92 Dunk & Trunk

Check out this weeks video blog right here as Rick and Dan get you information about an upcoming weekend at AC3. Enjoy! :) https://vimeo.com/142311405

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AC3 VB72 Baptism

Enjoy this weeks video blog as Rick and Dan talk about our upcoming baptism. https://vimeo.com/127649561

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