We do church differently

Our mission is to create a safe place for people to come together, love one another, and seek God. We want you to feel welcome here no matter who you are, how you dress, where you’ve been, or how your past looks.

First Visit

Our location

Is this green building really a church?

AC3's green metal building may not look like a church from the outside. What counts is on the inside... not the inside of our building, inside our hearts.

Service Start Times

Normal schedule:
- Saturday 6:00 PM
- Sunday 9:00 & 10:30 AM
(holiday & summer hours differ; click for info)


We have free parking! Use our lot, park along 44th Avenue, and on Sunday mornings, we have additional parking at the Skate Inn lot directly across 44th.


Expect to be greeted in person and offered a program on the way inside. If you have questions, ask anyone wearing a lanyard; they are available to help without being in your face.

Inside & Service info

Building layout

Our lobby opens up after you enter the front doors. Grab a free drip coffee or snack to your right, order your favorite drink at our Creek Espresso coffee stand, or enter the auditorium through the two doors to your left. We also have the Wedge Room if you need privacy during service.

Find any seat that you like, just know it may be dark inside once service starts. Facing the stage, the band is on the left, the pastor will be in the middle, and skits will take place on the right.

A typical service

Most services include four main components: opening song, announcements, a creative arts element, and the message. In total, this lasts about one hour. If you arrive after service starts, step carefully because the lights may be out.

Worship, Extended, etc.

In addition to weekly services, we also have other activities each weekend and you may hear us mention these terms.

During worship, the band leads us through contemporary and traditional songs for about 30 minutes. There’s no wrong way to worship; feel free to stand, kneel, raise your hands, dance, sing, or just sit and watch.

We also host Extended after service where we often have deep dives, open discussions, classes, or unpack the weekend message further.

Lastly, we share a hearty snack or a meal on Saturday nights after service.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that it can be uncomfortable to visit a new church. Hopefully this information helps.

AC3 looks different from other churches because it is different from other churches. When you see this building, you are in the right place.

Yes, we have a parking lot available and there is overflow parking along 44th Street. On Sunday mornings, we have additional overflow parking at the Skate Inn directly across 44th Street.

Yes, we have both! More information is available here: Weekend Service Children’s and Youth Programs.

First of all, we are glad you decided to join us!

You should be greeted in person by someone from our hospitality team. They will offer you a program and can answer any questions you may have. You can also ask anyone wearing a lanyard or anyone sitting at the Info Desk. They are available to help without being in your face.

Come as you are. There’s no dress code here and nobody is going to judge you. Help yourself to some coffee, tea, and snacks or pick up a latte at our in-house espresso stand.

Our services are usually about an hour long. They typically include announcements and creative elements such as skits, videos, and music that help set up the day’s topic followed by an applicable message.

On Saturday nights we serve a hearty snack after service. During normal schedule, this is followed by a half-hour of worship and then an Extended service where we usually deep-dive into the message with additional teaching and open conversation.

Stay for as much or as little as you like!

We have a page for that! View our About Us page.

We have a post for this subject, too! Click here to learn more about the significance of herons to AC3.

You’re in the right place, we all have tough questions and even doubts from time-to-time. We have a saying at AC3, “get real, get healed.” We don’t shy away from the hard questions, we embrace them together. Check our Ask Anything page and Investigations classes to see what we mean.