…for the Long-Haul.

This is really what we want isn't it? We want things to last forever. We make marriage vows that include the words, "until death" and "forever". We never make new…

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Long-Haul Relationships

E-Groups: Reliable Change

God reveals himself in many paradoxes. He is just and merciful. Jesus said that to find your life you must lose it, to be the first you be last...and there…

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E-Groups have Launched

About the same time that America launched its first rocket from American soil into space since 2011, AC3 was busy launching something special of our own; E-Groups! What are E-Groups?…

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God in the Dirt

God in the Dirt taken literally He is in the dirt, air, water, etc. He is in our lives, deeply aware of all our successes and failures, our dark thoughts…

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Open Prayer Night

*The prayer night is currently on hold, but this is still a good read! Praying out loud in a group can be daunting, but like most things, with a little…

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