Simply Love

Simply Love A friend wrote to Rick and I recently. He was frustrated by the skepticism of Christianity and the church he had been encountering. He wrote: " do we respond…

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Our first Video Blog entry! Check out what our January (Real Simple) series is about.


Tea with Grandma

My son and I have tea with my ninety two year old Grandma, his great grandma, every Wednesday afternoon. It has become a time that we cherish, Crosby adores Grandma Helen…


The Story, From the Inside

In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God and the Word was God. Our Christmas service at AC3 this year will feature 'The Story', an awesome, modernized musical…


Making of a Champion: Seattle Seahawks

The Making of a Champion... The Seattle Seahawks are on the best run in the history of the franchise on the field. They haven't lost a home game in the…

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The Brendan Liturgy

The Brendan Liturgy is named for the 6th century (484 –577) Irish monk who's travels were written down in the form of an epic poem. Christians have used Brendan's story for…

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