Knock it Off-Week 3

The following post to the social media platform "Next Door" is largely self-explanatory. I have felt apprehensive about my participation from the beginning, but a series of recent posts surrounding…


Care Team

From time to time we have AC3 families that could use a helping hand. If you are an individual or family who could provide a simple meal, a short visit, provide…


Freedom in Christ

When the Christ Follower embraces the liberty that being unconditionally loved by God allows them, it is a very dangerous thing. They realize they are truly free AND truly loved…

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Who’s Who at AC3–Dan Hazen

In our mission to be a safe church for seekers, we sometimes hear those attending say that they don't know who someone is. We want you to get to know…

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What’s “Church”?

Since 2008, I have been part of the Northumbria Community¬†which can most simply be described as a new-monastic group: people from all over the world sharing a common set of…

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Suburbaculture Extra

Looking for something more after our weekend services? Well, Pastor Dan has just what you are looking for with more Suburbaculture talk. Enjoy! :)

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Paying Attnetion

It's amazing what we notice when we try; what we don't when we are not mindful. This view awaited everyone racing along 88th Street this morning. As I snapped this…

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November 9th

It's the morning of November 9th and the wind still blows, the water still flows and the sun is it did yesterday, and it will again tomorrow.We have air…

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