Palm Sunday at Home

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If you can’t join us at church this Sunday, here are some at home instruction to create your own stations of the cross

Supplies needed:

2 mirrors, one need to be broken or smeared with something greasy to distort the image

Some sand or dirt in a shallow container

A container with water in it big enough to wash your hands in

A candle for each person and a way to light them

Bread and Juice for communion

Station 1:  Sin Mars

Set up:  Put the mirrors  in a place where everyone can have a chance to see their face in them.

Instructions:  Look at the unbroken mirror.  You were created by God in his imaged to be loved by him and to be in relationship with him.  Now look in the broken mirror.  Sin distorts who we were created to be and separates us from God

Station 2:  Grace Covers

Set up:  Put sand or dirt in a shallow box or pan.  Put it in a place where people can write without everyone seeing it.

Instructions:  Take your finger and write something that you are ashamed of in the sand/dirt.  Think about how that has marred you, affected you.  Now take both hands and erase what you’ve written so that it cannot be seen.  When God forgives he choses to forget.  Dip your hands in the water and rub them clean letting the dirt/sand fall away.  Because of Jesus, you now stand righteous before God with clean hands and a new heart.

Station 3:  Hope Grows

Set up all your candles in an area where it is safe to light them and leave them lit for awhile. Put the matches or lighter near the candles

Instructions:  Light a candle and watch how the flame springs to life.  When God saves us, he reignites our hope.  Notice that your candle doesn’t just affect you, it sheds light for others as well and when joined with other lit candles can bring light and hope to larger and larger areas.

Station 4:  Jesus Saves

Set up:  Put out bread or crackers and individual cups of juice (one per person)

Instructions:  Instead of one by one, this step is designed to be done together if there is more than one of you.  Gather around the communion supplies and have one person read the following communion liturgy: