Heart Beat Devotional

Week 2

Heart Beat Week 2: 

What does it mean to follow Jesus? This is a question I have been asked so many times by adults and students alike. What is the difference between other religions and Christianity? What is the purpose of following Jesus? Does God care about me? These are all questions we have asked or will ask. These questions are not bad though, they are incredibly important. So what’s the difference? You see, so much of religion is trying to do good things so I can go to heaven. Christianity is entirely different. While there may be religious aspects to Christianity the motive is entirely different. We don’t do “Good Things” to earn our way to God. We do “Good Things” because God in His love and mercy and grace worked His way to us through the blood of Jesus. We do it out of a love for Him.

In 1 Timothy 4, this guy named Paul is writing to a young pastor. He was likely between the ages of 14-20. This young pastor was named Timothy and Timothy was having some issues in his church. You see, the older generation wasn’t listening to what God was teaching Timothy and what Timothy in turn was teaching his congregation just because of his age. This is what Paul writes to Timothy to encourage him. 

12 Let no one look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in your speech, conduct, love, faithfulness, and purity.” ( 1 Timothy 4:12 NLT) 

Paul makes it clear that the only way to lead is to lead by example. Have you ever had someone tell you that words don’t matter but action does? Well, I have and I feel like that makes a lot of sense. We don’t need to be the smartest in the room to share the good news of Jesus. We just need to follow him. 

Action Step: Stop trying to do good things and just try to spend time with Jesus. Put on worship music or sit and pray. Whatever works best for you to get closer to Jesus.

Pastor Alex Ghelli