There’s a Future for Everyone Here!

Rick recently shared a message of hope through our Marriage 411 series and with our Kreek Kids parents and ministry volunteers. I felt his short note was encouraging and timely. May we be fruitful during these unique times and as we look toward fall ministry at AC3. There is a future for everyone here!  👩‍🦰 🧓 👩🏾👱🏻‍♂️👶 👲 🧔👩🏻👵


There is hope! Hope! Hope!

A Note from Rick

Hi KK ministry volunteers and parents,  

I was thinking about how to encourage you for the ministry season in front of us, when I realized that a vision spilled out of me a few Sundays ago in my Marriage 411 talk.  (You can catch it here) It hit me, even as I spoke off the cuff, that places with children are natural places of hope.  Conversely, cities, extended families, countries and churches without children are places of despair.  To quote myself: “Children, by their laughter and by their love and their energy; they say Hope! Hope! Hope!  And if you want to live in a place with hope – even if they’re not your children – you live in a place with children, because they bring hope and energy to everyone!” 

That, more than anything, is why AC3 needs to be a place “swimming in kids”.  I mean, it needs to be a goal for AC3 that we do everything possible to be a place where parents with kids, and older students themselves simply want to be here.  The gospel is the business of making kids – spiritual children of God – who are heirs to all the promises of a restored relationship with the Father. 

In our age of despair and pessimism about everything, the economy, the social order, national health, the climate, a church filled with biological children points to this Gospel hope which says, ‘there’s a future for everyone here!’ Don’t you want to give that message to our neighbors?  To tell them that God has a future for them? Well, being a part of a thriving Kreek Kids ministry team that is safe for kids, and attractive for people parenting them while drawing them into God’s Love, does exactly that.  It is not mere “babysitting”!  It’s being a part of us exuding the gospel promise: there’s a profoundly hopeful future God has in store for you.  Let our children be a sign to you:  new life awaits us all! 🙂

If you are a Kreek Kids ministry champion, volunteer or parent, you’re invited to our upcoming Kreek Kids BEST HOUR training Sat. 8/28 at 6:30pm. A light dinner will be provided! Contact Twila or Trina with your Kreek Kids questions:) Ways to Help Support Kreek Kids



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