LOGOS Mission Trip and Family Meet-Up

Vision & Mission

International LOGOS Ministries, one of AC3’s global missions partners, had a clear vision and mission when they chose to go on a mission trip recently and to meet up with family. So under the leadership and passion of Pastor Rashid Masih, a team was formed that would go to Maldives, a 100% Muslim country, to reach and teach about Jesus Christ and the gift of grace God offers to all.

Family Meet-Up                 

It would take Rashid’s family and a mission team to handle the ministry work planned in Pakistan’s different cities. So Rashid planned to meet his family with an evangelical team that would work in partnership with his wife Mrs. Haroona Rashid, his son Jordan Rashid, his two daughters, and his child.

Rashid last met his family in 2018. It was then that he planned to meet up with them during this mission trip. His wife is working as the pastor at International LOGOS Church in Bahar Colony, Lahore. So when they came together in Maldives, it was extra special as they met many different people from different nations. They were excited to have the opportunity to discuss and share with them the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

Secret & Friendship Evangelism

Pastor Rashid (also the president of ILM) along with Mr. Amir Munir (the Youth Director at ILM) and Mr. Javed Juna (International Advisor of ILM) visited many people of the different nations. They wanted to learn about their faith and religious education. After their survey of one week, they found that in the Maldives, just 2% know about Christianity. The people who did know about Christ weren’t Maldivians. They were visitors. So the missions team decided to start up friendship evangelistic work with the Maldivian youth.

The team went to different areas, started friendships, and was able to teach them about the Word of God and His power. Amir Munir is also a worship leader, worshipping internationally. He used his talents on this trip to meet many youth singers, musicians who love to sing. When he met them, he introduced himself as a singer but he always sings gospel songs with them. He motivated the Muslim musicians to play and sing the Word of God. The team worshipped on the roadside and encouraged the youth they met to accept Christ Jesus as their Savior. Many of them now know the gospel message. 

Problems Faced During Their Trip

The day after their team arrived in the Maldives, all international travelers were banned from coming into the country so the team faced many problems staying there. But they continued meeting with different people belonging to different nations and continued telling them about Jesus. They had planned to stay in Maldives from May 10th-18th and complete their mission work. But on the 18th, when they went to the Maldives airport to travel back to Pakistan, they were not allowed to travel home. Their flights were canceled. About a week later, they were finally told they could leave on the 27th.

But between May 18th and 27th, some Pakistani government officials banned all international travelers coming from the outside, including Pakistani travelers. They tried to go back to their homeland but they weren’t allowed. Because their flight on Dubai Airlines wasn’t refundable or changeable they had to rebuy their tickets which was an unexpected and added expense. They didn’t have enough money to pay for a hotel or food. The team prayed and Rashid traveled back to the United States on the 23rd while the team was displaced. During that time, Rashid applied for a special approval letter from Pakistan Civil Aviation giving them permission to fly home. The team thanked God when they received their traveling approval letter. They secured their tickets and arrived home on June 4th.

Pastor Rashid wants to let us and their LOGOS ministry supporters that while it was hard, they stayed and worked through many difficulties while spreading the gospel in the 100% Muslim country Maldives.

During this trip, the team faced many difficulties. They are very thankful to all those who support LOGOS financially and continue to pray for Logos and his family over the years.

Prayer Requests and Future Plans

After a very successful and fruitful evangelical mission trip in Maldives, Pastor Rashid is planning to arrange a 3-day international pastor and leadership conference in Malaysia and Dubai during September or November. The plan is to have many different international trainers and will invite pastors to come and train with a larger group of leaders, coming together from different countries.

Rashid is so thankful for your prayers and financial support for outreach projects, his family, team, and LOGOS Ministries!

Rashid Masih

Read more about Rashid and Logos Ministry on Facebook or their website http://ilogosministries.org/.


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