Built from Scratch, Not a Kit

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Making Model Students Through ACE

Our ACE (After Class Enrichment Program is offering a new date for a preview of our model pouring class for students in 5th grade and up. Now on Monday, March 22nd! This class is great for older students who would like to learn how to pour, create and paint their own unique model vehicle. Trust me, this is not your typical model car kit you buy at the store. Each vehicle is hand-poured, unique, and considered an investment.

Barry SR Tousley, an AC3er, has a passion for his craft and a desire to pass it on to the next generation. The Marysville Globe did a write-up on his unique model-making process and can be read HERE.

If you think your student would be interested in finding out more, have them sign up for our one-time Model Preview Class (date change to 3/22), featuring Barry’s handiwork.


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