COVID-19 Knows No Borders

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The Covid-19 crisis doesn’t pay attention to national borders. Our Living Waters global mission partners in Brazil, Malawi, and Pakistan have had challenges unique to their corners of the world.

But because of your faithful giving, AC3 has been able to support each of these ministries financially above and beyond our regular support. Thank you AC3!

We hope to help each ministry feel supported and loved during this time. Find a brief update on each global partner below and how you can pray for them.


The ALFA Educational Center and Christ is Life Baptist Church in Mossoro, Brazil has been struggling, managing, praying, and working hard to adapt.

Like Christ-followers everywhere, Ken, Lori, Joe, Jeannie, Ron, Ranelle, and the rest of the team are working extra hard to make sure their people’s needs are met. 

Everything from trying to teach classes online for many students with no internet access, taking-on construction projects while the kids are not on campus and housing the un-housed during lock-downs.

In addition and as expected, students have had to withdraw from ALFA and that has meant some very regrettable lay-offs.

Please keep the Stucky family and their team in your prayers.


Malawi so far has had minimal COVID cases. But because of the country’s lockdown, vital mobile medical clinics have been unable to operate. With clinics currently offline, E3 has expanded to other areas of ministry by helping savings clubs* with irrigation equipment, expanding the piggeries, and a school library construction project. They have also given personal PPE to the vulnerable and introduced artemisia farming to HIV/AIDS support groups.

Sam Kawale, an AC3 friend and E3 partner, has watched his political party win the recent presidency and he also became his party’s Chief Whip. Through his position, he has been able to introduce the E3 way of development to other national leaders and has been able to influence national policy talks toward sustainable development.

Pray that Sam can continue influencing Malawi to develop using Christian principles and that his faith comes through in all he does. 

Feel free to contact David Epperson with your Malawi questions. E3 Facebook Page   

*Microfinance business Initiatives and skills training education


Rashid Masih with Logo’s Ministry is always excited to share what is going on in Pakistan. Rashid reports they have been able to work on a church building project, share the gospel, and that his wife and associate pastors are baptizing many.

Next up is the development of the private school they have outside Lahore.  The school currently has about 200 kids meeting in a church and they’re working on better facilities. 

Pray that Logos ministries will reach many with the good news of Jesus Christ and for safety and provisions during this unique season. Logos Facebook page


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