Rick’s Picks This Fall

If you’re like most AC3ers, you may wonder what’s on Rick’s mind as he plans and prepares for his upcoming ministry week. Well, wonder no more!

From online videos, engaging web links, compelling blog posts, books he’s found interesting, and even some articles on controversial or today’s hot topics, we will post them here.

So once every month or so, search our website for Rick’s Picks. What’s on his mind these days will most certainly stretch and strengthen your faith.

Rick’s Top Picks

  • The Center Church (Book Choice) – AC3 has always understood the importance of balancing Cultural Relevance and Doctrinal Purity.  This book by Rick’s favorite Calvinist J. Timothy Keller, explains the importance of Churches remaining in the Center, between extremes of legalism and libertinism, relativism, and conservatism, as we seek to understand, live out and share the Gospel.
  • The Social Dilemma (Netflix) – This unsettling documentary will take you inside your phone, the apps that control it, and more to the point: control you.  You’ll think twice about the influence of clickbait, notification pings on you, your children, and your home, and guarding yourself against something we’re all becoming addicted to.
  • Faith is a Journey (Discipleship) The importance of building real community while growing up disciples in the faith has been a priority and the topic of many discussions around AC3. We want you to grow BIG in your faith. But we’re asking that you act SMALL to attain it. Join a small group! View AC3’s Community and E-groups here. Then simply click the group’s ‘Ask to Join’ button. Someone will contact you shortly! Still have questions? Contact Dan.
  • Scientism In the Age of COVID (Youtube Video) – We are told constantly that our political leaders only follow the “Science and the Facts and the Data”.  Giving us the impression that science is monolithic, never wrong, and that the policy suggestions of scientists are always objective, and never tainted with ideology.  This 20 min. video from Political Scientist John West explores the hazards of scientism and he leans on the wisdom of C.S. Lewis who foresaw the dangers of government in the name of science. What relevance does Lewis’s advice on the promise and perils of science-based public policy have in the age of COVID-19 and beyond?:

  • Racial Degradations (Ask Anything Blog Post) – Back in 2016, Rick wrote a post worth reading and sharing again, especially in light of today’s social climate. “The Bible said it first: there is only one race, the Human Race.”

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