Rick’s Picks for August

Rick’s Picks – August

Ever wonder what might be on Rick’s mind these days? Well, wonder no more!

Once-a-month you will find a blog post on our website called Rick’s Picks. Rick will share a variety of links and topics that will help stretch and strengthen your faith during these unprecedented times we live in.

From online videos, engaging web links, compelling blog posts, books he’s found interesting, and even some articles on controversial or today’s hot topics, we will post them here.

Rick’s Top Five

  • Is the Cure Worse Than the Disease? (COVID19 Related) The lockdowns have supposedly kept a lot of people from dying.  We should applaud that.  But studies are now predicting the lockdowns will themselves lead to 10’s of thousands of deaths.  The argument for continued or indefinite lockdown based on compassion is strained by these scary numbers.  
  • Five Ways to Get a Grasp on Your Bible (Discipleship) If you haven’t dove into Applications online yet, check out this video hosted by our own Dan Hazen. He shares a simple yet creative way to help us grow in our faith. And while you’re there, be sure to check out his impressive beard! 🧔
  • “Is Progressive Christianity Dangerous?” (Youtube Video) Lots of young people have been influenced by waves of skepticism about Faith.  Some have tried to adapt Christianity based on those critiques and come up with “Progressive Christianity”.  But the end game may be abandoning the heart of Christianity itself.  This interview is with former “Zoe Girl” Contemporary Christian artist, Alisa Childers who left Orthodox Evangelicalism only to find progressive Christianity is actually regressive.
  • Does the Bible Condone Rape? (Ask Anything Blog Post) Some people today struggle with seemingly brutal commands in the Bible.  In light of the #metoo movement, aren’t the rape laws of Moses sexist and immoral? How could a good God be behind this? Rick explains.
  • “The United States of Socialism” (Book Choice) Everyone knows that socialism is all the rage these days because of a crisis of capitalism.  But is capitalism really in crisis? Is it really all about greed?  And is socialism really workable, and Christian in its desire to share and care, or does its history and ideals reveal something dark and deeply unchristian at work?  Dinesh gets very politically partisan by the end, but this critique of Marx and the modern spin of “Democratic Socialism” is spot on. Author – Dinesh Dsouza

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