K-5th are in the House

As we continue to navigate this season of change, Kreek Kids did a Test Run Class In the House ⛪ (Blue Room) on July 19th! Nine students in our K-5th age group attended while Trina and I hosted this registered event. Our theme was on the Lord’s Prayer, which complemented AC3’s July series; Best. Sermon. Ever.

Making Kreek Kids Covid-19 history! Welcome Back 7/19/2020

Kids did a variety of learning activities:

  • Kids shared their ‘Best and Bummer’ for summer and COVID19 months so far
  • Watched a two-part children’s video on prayer: Praise, Repent, Ask and Yield + The Lord’s Prayer
  • Interactive Lesson: Six hidden objects revealed to help us remember the Lord’s Prayer
  • Game: ‘Pick a Door’ Prayer Review
  • Craft: P.R.A.Y. Cards to take home to review at dinner, bedtime or another family time
  • Sang a praise and prayer song to our Good Good Father

Our next K-5th grade class is being tentatively planned for August depending on staffing and those interested in attending. This Sunday 10am class (date TBD) will be posted on our AC3 App or online. (Register your kiddos for this August class to be notified of date selected and class information.)

Personal masks or Hero face shields required.

Here is a 3 min. walk-through video showing how we have been preparing for upcoming classes. (Safety requirements subject to change as we set up additional class times.) Two changes since our 1st test run on 7/19 are:

  • Children choosing to wear a Hero face shield will have the option of a larger size (they were a little tight for our older kids)
  • Face shields worn will be deposited in the Blue Bin but it has been moved to downstairs, by the exit gate.

As COVID19 restrictions continue to affect our families, we are in the process of creating additional at-home faith-building activities to help parents as we focus on our Kreek Kids co-op mission to: “Partner with parents to raise up the next generation of Heroes in the Faith!”

You can currently check out current Kreek Kids’ covid updates for at-home activities for families based on our Kreek Kids’ weekend Livestream.

We miss our kiddos!
Twila, Trina and Kreek Kids Team

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