Weekend Services Update

AC3 is currently holding onsite weekend services! Weekly registration is no longer required but encouraged (updated 6/18) due to COVID-19’s group size restrictions. While registering, please be sure to read safety expectations for all attendees. Our Facebook Sunday Service Livestream will continue to be held each Sunday at 10am!

Guests are always welcome and registration is encouraged as there are state guidelines we have to follow including limiting our capacity. The above registration link will take you to AC3’s Weekend Services registration area.

You can register via our AC3 Church Center phone app or directly online. To Register:

  1. Open your AC3 app on your phone or go to https://ac3.churchcenter.com
  2. Click on the “Events” link
  3. Select “Phase 2 Church Services” from the drop-down menu
  4. Then simply register on the weekend service time you want to attend!

Please contact AC3 with any questions or if you run into issues registering.

Washington Phase 1-3 Religious and Faith-Based Guidance (updated 6/18).

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