E-Groups have Launched

About the same time that America launched its first rocket from American soil into space since 2011, AC3 was busy launching something special of our own; E-Groups!

What are E-Groups?

E-groups are small groups that meet via Zoom (due to current Covid-19 gathering restrictions) and give AC3ers a chance to chat and connect, study and discuss the topic from the prior weekend’s message while sharing prayer requests and more.

As Dan explains, “E” stands for Extended…like – Extending our learning, Extending our relationships and Extending our Faith beyond a weekend service.”

These new E-Groups will be encouraged to move to the REAL WORLD as gathering restrictions are lifted…thinking September? At that time, participants will have the opportunity to continue in the same group, change groups, or be part of starting a new one then; virtually or in person.

You can join an E-Group via the AC3 Church Center phone app or directly online. Check out our current E-Groups:

  1. Open your AC3 Church Center App on your phone or go to https://ac3.churchcenter.com
  2. Click on the “Groups” link
  3. Select “E-Groups” from the drop-down menu
  4. Check out each group’s time and date
  5. Then simply request to join the group that best fits your schedule!

Contact Dan with any questions or if you run into issues joining a group.