COVID-19, Pakistan and AC3

Dear Ministry Partner Allen Creek Community Church,

As COVID-19 appears in the world and it has been affected the USA and around the world, people are losing their employment and this virus has made people’s lives paralyzed. Similarly, this virus has effected Pakistan terribly. There is a lack of awareness because people do not understand social distancing and this virus. Right now 170,000 cases in Pakistan and 3,000 people have lost their lives already but God is still in control in every situation and protecting His people by the blood of Jesus Christ.

This virus has affected the Christian community more not by sickness but by hunger. In Pakistan 85% of Christians, because of lockdown have lost their daily wages and have not worked, so there is no money. And with no money, they haven’t any food. We in Pakistan walk by faith and our community has been praying with fasting, and God answered our prayers in a partnership with Allen Creek Community Church.

God led me to make an appeal to Rick Thiessen and AC3 and we praise God that God put in your heart to approve our appeal and send food assistance for 30 lay pastors and leaders. It was a great relief in this terrible situation to show them the true love of Jesus Christ. Thank you AC3 you always been blessings for our ministry, community, and the world. Thank you very much!

A dinner meeting was held in Logos Church. Kasur and pastors were invited by ILM to join this meeting and we are thankful to Pastor Rick Thiessen who had given us his precious time to get online to watch our service and food distribution for the Pastors. Pastor Rick spoke a wonderful and encouraging message to our leaders. They were all excited to see us online and they prayed for Rick and Allen Creek Community Church.

There were 30 pastors who were able to receive financial support and provided food assistance. Each food package was enough for two weeks of food for 4 to 6 family members. The food package cost $35.00 and each food package distributed consisted of wheat flour, rice, lentil, tea, peas, soap, toothpaste, sugar, cooking oil, and given $15.00 cash each pastor.

Financial Summary:
Donations Received = $1500
Pastors Supported = 30 Total
Food Package Cost Each = $35
Cash Given to Each= $15
Total Cost Each = $15+35=$50
Total Expenses = 30X$50=$1500.00

Note: Dinner and other expenses were provided by ILM.

The food distribution was given by the hand of Evangeline Haroona Rashid and the Logos team who are working hard to reach people and encouraging them in this terrible time to showing the true love of Jesus Christ.

All pastors were very excited and are sending thanks from the bottom of their hearts. They will never forget your kindness and will be praying for you and each of everyone who supported this great work. It was a great relief for the moment and it was a great party.

We want to say thank you very much Allen creek Community Church for your support and generosity to providing food assistance in this pandemic time. We pray that may the Lord bless you abundantly.

Watch a special ‘Thank You AC3’ video posted by Rashid.

Please feel free to ask any question and also remember us in your prayer for our new church and we want to make a Music academy and School for the kids. Thank you and God bless you!

With Warm Regard,
Rashid Masih
ILM/AC3 (need to be logged into your FB account in order to view Rashid’s FB page)