You’ve Been Egged!

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Easter Sunday Funday is Almost Here…

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We will NOT be hosting a Kreek Kids Easter Sunday (4/12) Livestream BUT it is our desire to provide families with simple, fun and creative stay-at-home options this Easter! ‘You’ve Been Egged’ Letter Packs are being sent to attending Kreek Kids families. If for some sad reason your child doesn’t receive one by 4/9, email Twila. Then download and print your child’s copies below:

Hosting Your Stay-at-Home Event

  1. Watch the video below or at this link – God’s Story: Easter (4:33)
    Cast to your TV, if you have the ability to do so!
  2. Pray together, read the Easter story and do the above activity sheets.*(Matthew 28:1-10)
  3. Have kids color and cut out Flat Easter Eggs as directed.*
  4. Have kids color and cut out Flat Egg Easter Basket.*
  5. Begin your Flat Egg Easter Hunt and SHOUT, “He is risen!” every time a plain egg is found!

    *Feel free to do steps 2, 3, or 4 crafty-type activities on Saturday 4/11 in preparation for Easter Sunday.

Easter Finger Play Poem for Younger Kiddos

God told us in the Bible (hands make a book)
That Jesus died for sin. (make a cross with fingers)
Was buried in a tomb (hands make a mound),
But then arose again! (throw hands up into the air)
Wonderful, wonderful news! (clap and applaud!)
It came from God above. (point up)
Jesus died (make a cross with fingers)
But rose again! (throw hands up into the air)
I thank Him for his love! (make praying hands)


Kreek Kids Livestream will return 4/19 at 11:45am!

Easter over? Find and download other at-home lesson ideas here.


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