The FIVE in me…

Exploring the Ennegram at AC3…personally.

In some ways TWO’s (like me) are the opposites of FIVEs.

TWOs are relationaly oriented, FIVES are information oreineted.

TWOs run toward realtionship, FIVES run away.

I could go on.

The truly interesting thing to me is where there are similarities. For example, both types are excellent observers of people. They are both watching people constantly, measuring responses, evaluating emotional condition and the like.

If we expand Enneagram types to whole organizations, we can make the case that AC3 shares some of the best qualities of “people-watching” that both TWOS and FIVEs exhibit.

Over 25 years of AC3’s history, the center of our mission has balanced on the value of seeing people where they are. Seekers, believers, hurt people and skeptical people. People who are excited to be at church and people who have been dragged through the doors. We’ve had to collectively “observe” them, carefully consider how best to meet their needs and then respond.

When that response has called for answers to faith questions (FIVE type reposnses) Allen Creek has provided a unique and valuable set of resources:

Resources! Resources!…get your Resources here!!

INVESTIGATIONS. There’s no place in our community like this space, where people can ask all the questions (even the so-called taboo ones). This is a place where Investigators can meet other Investigators and search for the answers together.

WEEKEND SERVICES. Every 7 days in our Auditorium, people will encounter compelling teaching, stories and art that are designed to satisfy their minds and their hearts. Not many places in 21st century America will welcome seekers with direct answers to direct questions.

THE PEOPLE. AC3 is populated by FIVES, TWOs (and every other number) who are committed to providing a safe place where we can ask questions in community. Inquiry is welcome and over 25 years, a culture of intellectual rigor along side love and care has emerged.

TWO and FIVES…25 years of ministry 🙂


57 year old husband of 31 years, father of two, drumming Gardner.