AC3 Music Madness 2020

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Just because the NCAA tournament is canceled doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with a tournament and some brackets!

Here’s how it’s going to work!

There are 58 songs in the worship rotation at AC3 and we are going to crown the favorite in a Music Madness tournament! The brackets are included, and the winner of Bracket 1 will face the winner of Bracket 2 in the final round. You can download and enlarge the photos or printout the pdfs of bracket 1 and bracket 2 to fill in your picks.

Bracket 1
Bracket 2

Every two days, we will post 4-5 match-ups in polls in a post on the website and link it to Facebook. By doing so, we will whittle our way down over the next few weeks. We are working on something fun we can do with our final four, so every vote counts!

Need a refresher?

Here are a both a Spotify playlist and a Youtube playlist with all of the songs to refresh your memory! Send Jaime an email if you have any questions!

Spotify Playlist for AC3 Music Madness
YouTube Playlist for AC3 Music Madness