God in the Dirt

God in the Dirt taken literally

He is in the dirt, air, water, etc. He is in our lives, deeply aware of all our successes and failures, our dark thoughts and our joyful thoughts. God is in OUR Dirt!!! To begin, find a center by being out in the garden/nature with the mountains in front of us, appreciate the quiet, or the view. Because these gifts from God embody his very existence and presence in that moment. 

What I pray is that each one of us can contemplate those possibilities by making an effort to simplify our lives. Give ourselves more options of quiet and peaceful times that are spent in fellowship and community with each other and with our Father in Heaven. 

We want to begin this process by meeting twice a month on a Friday night . We want to share a meal and share what we have gone through during the time since our last meeting. Let’s lean into God, sit back, and take a deep breath with God and with each other.   After opening in prayer, we’ll look at a passage in scripture. Others can bring a Bible verse and each time we will pull from a basket and spend a few moments on that scripture topic.

I pulled two statements rom the Christian Celtic Daily Prayer book to describe what we want from this small group:

 The lush grasses and verdant pines through which we walk refresh both eyes and soul.

Frederick W. Faber wrote: 

Only to sit and think of God,  Oh what a joy it is! To think the thought, to breathe the name Earth has no higher bliss.