Morph and RELIC Preview for January 21st and 22nd

We missed you all last week! Hope you had a fun snow day. Here is what’s happening at Morph and RELIC this week:

We’ll continue in our teaching series that will be looking at when and how Jesus called several key people in his ministry and how they responded to his call. Two weeks ago Wayne taught about the calling of Peter. This week we are going to look at the story of Judas told from the Gospel of Luke and John. Vernon will be teaching us tonight, talking about how Jesus made his sacrifice for everyone, even the man who he knew would betray him.

Announcements for this week

Announcements For This Week

  • Vital Church Forum RESCHEDULED to NEXT WEEK – AC3 has been going through an evaluation process. As you may recall, back in November we asked students for their opinions through surveys, interviews and student forum. The final report was given by Vital Church in December. After that report, we’d love to give students an opportunity to discuss and ask questions about the final report. We’ll do that BEFORE youth group next week, January 28th an 29th. So if possible, have your student show up at 5pm that week so they can join the discussion.
  • Camp! Save the Date for Camp! It’s coming up fast. March 20th-22nd. More details to come!
  • Remember we are on social media! We have all the things, The facebook, the instagram, the twitter, even snapchat! Check out the youth page for more info!

See you all tonight or tomorrow! Invite a friend!