Getting the most from our website

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We try to make our website as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. But if you find yourself needing help, here are a few tips that may be helpful as you get familiar with our website.

  • The header, at the top of each page, provides navigation links to five key areas of our site. In mobile view, click the menu icon in the upper right-hand corner to view navigation links.
  • The footer, at the bottom of each page, provides shortcut links to quickly contact AC3 as well as direct links to our social media sites and popular pages to visit on our site.
  • We encourage you to search our website using keywords. Our site’s foundation has been built as a blog site so you can search all of AC3’s post history; current and in the past. Just click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the main header. Or if you are on a Post page, you can add your keywords directly into the search block also located in the upper right-hand corner.

Our website attempts to address two main audiences: new visitors and AC3 attenders.

New visitors

Our primary audience. We want to make it easy and appealing so new visitors don’t leave right away, and invite them to learn more about AC3. Their path begins on the home page with the green button and introduces AC3 on the home page, then leads to our Experience page so they can learn what to expect before visiting, and then our Beliefs page so they can learn what we believe. The green button path remains consistent throughout the site.

AC3 attenders

Our secondary audience. We love it when AC3 attenders return to our website and want to make things easy for you, too! Instead of creating a separate site, we built the Connect page as your primary landing page and the top of our home page brings you here instantly with a blue button. This blue button path remains consistent throughout the site. We understand that you are past the introductory stage and are typically looking for different information, current events, and ways to get connected. The Connect page is the main jumping-off point to each of these things.

Subscribing to our weekly email

If you’d like to be notified of our new posts, including AC3’s monthly calendar, we provide a weekly email subscription service. Sign up using the Subscribe Link at the bottom of any page, or using the Subscribe section on any of our post pages. Here is what it looks like, just enter your email address and click the Subscribe button.

It is also very easy to unsubscribe if you ever choose, there is a link to do this at the bottom of each weekly email.

Still feeling like you could use additional help? Contact Twila on our Web Team. She’d be happy to help you get the most out of your website visits!