Change is the Only Constant…

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Prepare the Way Preschool represents the best of what Jesus People can do when they answer God’s call. Since 2014, nearly 150 students and their families have enjoyed not only top quality academics but a sense of community, Christian education and a lot of fun.

Circle Time

Last year, PTW Director Chandra White announced her plan to retire in 2021. In short order, a plan emerged to hand the reigns over to fellow AC3’r, Kristi Lindholm. The first steps in a transition plan were taken but like all change, more changes were to come…

…after further reflection and prayer, Kristi decided not to take the position. We’re disappointed that it didn’t work out, but trusting that God is at work in the process.

Camp Week

This means that the current PTW staff will offer a Pre-K class next year for the Preschool students enrolled this year and then PTW will close at the end of May 2021. In the meantime, we are open to God bringing another leader to PTW. If that person should arrive, we’ll prayerfully reconsider the current plan. But for now, we’ll be saying good bye to PTW next year.

What does success look like?

Closing down a successful and popular ministry like PTW is not easy. There’s a temptation to do whatever it takes to keep it going for the sake of appearance; for the sake of achievement; for the sake of “success”. It looks and feels like failure when something like PTW comes to an end. But it’s not failure.


Success for the Christ follower sometimes looks like failure. Jesus spelled out this paradox over and over again (Matthew 10:39; Mark 9:35; etc.), and it was even reflected in the substance of his life. He defeated death by dying. He became great by becoming nothing.

Grateful for Prepare the Way Success!

PTW began, operated, and will close down while shining the spotlight on God every step of the way and that is success. God called PTW into existence and God is calling PTW to an end and obedience to God’s call is success too.

It’s important to remember that the changes at PTW were set in motion long before the 2020 Vision project began. However, while the provenance is completely different, there is a shared hope with 2020 Vision. God is calling AC3 into a new future; calling us to re-examine all of our core resources and re-delpoy them in new ways to accomplish our mission.

What future does God have for the families, leaders, fans and resources that he developed at PTW?

We can’t wait to see.


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