Morph and RELIC Preview for Dec. 10-11(NO RELIC this week)

Hey Parents! 
2 weeks until Christmas! We are sure getting excited for our Christmas parties on the 17th and 18th. Before we talk about that we have a big scary horribly sad announcement….

No RELIC this week.

Ok… not so bad but still sad! There is no RELIC this week. We discovered that many of the students have Christmas concerts on Wednesday Night so attendance will be low. Many of the leaders have kids performing in those concerts and they want to be there for their kiddos! So we don’t have enough leaders to run group (in fact we only have one who can be there). So sorry to miss our middle schoolers this week, we really appreciate your understanding! We will see everyone next week for our Whoville themed Christmas party. (Note the time difference in the announcements portion!)

“Mary kept all these things in her heart and thought about them often.” I encourage you to do the same thing. Cherish what Jesus did for us when he came down to live among us. His life, his ministry, his sacrifice, his resurrection. Think about “these things” often and don’t loose sight of them, even after the Christmas season is over.

In December we are doing things a bit different! So here is a quick preview of what’s happening this week:

The Preview is also posted on our facebook pages! 
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December – Christmas Lights

Continuing with our Christmas lights series, we want to give back! We want to love on an encourage those in need and those around us.

This week we are going to shop for and put together emergency food bags that the church will use to hand out to those who come into our office with an immediate need.
This will require a FIELD trip to Safeway to buy supplies and then we’ll come back to the church to stuff the bags.

Preview Announcements for this week!

  • Our Krispy Kreme fundraiser went great! Thank you to all the students who sold donuts and a special thank you to the 3 students who came out on Saturday to help us sell the rest. Lilly Thorne, Andrew Stone, and Kaelyn Stone, you guys rock!!
  • Baptism Class is tonight from 7-8:30 in the blue room. If you or your student is interested in being baptized or simply want more information about Baptism, come to the class!
  • Our Christmas Party is NEXT WEEK! Come early to receiver a free 12 oz Italian soda and take photos at the photo booth from 5-6:30. The Christmas party will go from 6:30-8:30. Please note the early start time and later end time.
    If you need to pick your student up early we understand.
  • Winter Break – There will be no youth group December 24/25 or December 31/January 1st.

We’ll see the high schoolers tonight. Middle Schoolers we’ll see ya’ll next week for the Christmas Party!