Youth Group Halloween Party 2019

Our High School and Jr. High Youth groups (Morph and RELIC) hosted their annual halloween party on October 30th. It was loads of fun!

Both High School and Middle School students were encouraged to invite their friends so we had a great turn out, close to 50 students!

The group getting ready for some fear factor games

We started the night off with some fear factor games lead by Fat Thor from End Game. With the High Schoolers versus the Jr. High the competition was intense. The first game involved blindfolding two people who then had to taste a food and describe it to their partner, without saying the name of the food itself. It’s more challenging than it sounds! The High Schoolers dominated in this activity.

The next fear factor game Thor called Caramel Apple Roulette. Each student picked a “caramel apple” and had to eat as much of it as possible to gain points for their team. The trick was that half of the apples were in fact onions. The Jr. High competitors won this round because one of their players ate about 1/3 of his onion!

These girls are eating stuffed green olives

Blindfolded speed eating was next. These girls had no idea what they were going to be eating when they started. Whoever ate it the fastest won!


We finished off the fear factor session with a chugging competition. Each player was given a soda to chug, whoever finished theirs first would win. However there was a bit of a twist. First, the player had to put their sock over the soda, then switch with another player and drink the soda through the sock! GROSS! All 4 of these boys did it! Jr. High came out on top.

We spent the next part of the evening playing some more fun games, eating some snacks and taking pictures at the photo booth!

The mummy wrap
The Eye Ball Candy Bounce
The lobby was a happening place! Thanks to everyone who brought snacks to share!

A High School versus Jr. High Pumpkin Dodgeball game finished out the evening. Knock the opposing teams pumpkins off the cones and win! It was an intense, fun-filled dodge ball game with multiple MVP’s and numerous jail breaks. It was a tough battle and even though Jr. High threw the last ball, High School definitely dominated the game.

The only sad part of the night was that we had to say goodbye to one of our favorite youth leaders, Tyler Anderson. Tyler and his family are moving to Eastern Washington so the halloween party was his final youth group. In honor of Tyler, each one of the youth group leaders dressed up as “Tyler” for halloween. We will miss him so much but we are excited for him and his family. God will use Tyler and his wife, Abby, to do great things, no matter what city they live in.

The entire leader team dressed up as “Tyler” to honor him on his last night of youth group.

All in all it was great event! We had fun and we look forward to the next one!

Check out our morph and relic facebook pages for more pictures including those taken at the photo booth!