Morph/RELIC Preview (11/12 and 11/13)

Hey Parents! 

Happy November! I hope you’re enjoying the month so far.
Here is a quick preview of what’s happening this week:

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Small Groups, Game time and Hang time – We believe fun is important, especially for teenagers. These students live in world full of overwhelming expectations, they need a break from that sometimes! Fun is also the key to building relationships! We make sure fun is a big part of youth group because it’s part of creating a safe environment for our students to learn and grow in their relationships with others and with Christ.

November teaching – A month on Waiting

It seems like in our fast-paced culture, waiting is becoming a thing of the past. However in God’s economy, waiting is valuable! It builds character and grows our ability to have patience, mercy and grace for others. This whole month we will be looking at the times in our life God may be asking us to wait. The next four weeks’ topics will be: Waiting on calling, waiting on answers, waiting on love, and waiting on healing. 

This week – There are three legitimate answer to prayer: Yes, No, and Wait. This week we’ll be talking about the “wait” answer and what we ought to do in the midst of waiting on God for an answer. Kellie Ade is our guest speaker this week.

Announcements for this week!

  • Pizza for your thoughts? –  We would love it if students would join us for a discussion on Friday, November 22nd 6 pm-8:30 pm.  We will provide pizza and have a game after the interview! If you’ve been around AC3 at all the past month you’ve heard a lot about this “20/20 vision”. AC3 is evaluating, doing our best to look at where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. Our students are the future of AC3 so their thoughts and opinions are SO valuable to us! We hope everyone can make it, please mark your calendars.
    • If you haven’t signed up for your interview with Vital Church yet, this would be a perfect time to do that at! Since you’ve got to be there to drop your student off anyways. Your opinion is valuable too! We are hoping everyone at AC3 will do one of these interviews. Sign up in the church center app or call Sarah at the church office to reserve a spot, (360)659-7335. Thank you in advance for your transparency and willingness to help us grow!
  • Fundraising for Camp – Each year we try to fundraise for camp so that the cost is affordable for all students. In years past we have been able to bring the cost of camp down from $110 per person to $30-$40! This year we are going to try to do more individual fundraising, rather then group fundraising. This means that students will sell items and accrue a credit towards their individual cost for camp. SO Krispy Kreme Sales start this week! We will have order forms to send home at youth group , you can also download one in the link below. Please encourage your students to start selling now! The fundraiser will go for a few weeks, ending right around thanksgiving. Stay tuned for the pick up date and location.

Find the order form:

CREEK ESPRESSO will be open NEXT week

The espresso stand will be open an hour before youth group on the 1st and 3rd week of the month. Students can come early, buy a hot cider, a cocoa or Italian soda and just hang out. We really want students to know this is a safe place that they can come and just be.

We hope to see you and your student at youth group this week!


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