Hope for the Homeless

Lasting Hope

Hope can run short for those working hard to escape homelessness. Housing costs, transportation and the demands of sobriety make the last leap to independent living a challenge. Therefore, many people struggle, fall and even relapse just as the “finish line” is in sight. What’s needed is lasting hope for the homeless.

It’s a struggle out there

Hope Collaborates

But, over the last 3 years, hope has arrived for more than a dozen people in Marysville through a unique collaboration. It works like this:

The city provides a house and graduates of the Everett Gospel Mission (EGM) become the residents. As of this month, we’re including graduates of Marysville’s Embedded Social Worker program too. EGM provides professional supervision, local churches, businesses and organizations furnish the house, and AC3 provides care and leadership for the residents (Liaisons).

Skin in the Game

Liaisons provide contact with the community, help residents get connected, establish relationships and re-enter society. In addition, residents pay a monthly fee to be in the program.They participate in a weekly curriculum to build life skills and new ways to think and live. Plus, they develop a personalized action plan to reach the goal of fully independent living (THE hope for the homeless!) by the end of the 3 year program. Once a month, residents meet with the AC3 Liaisons to talk through issues, make plans and problem solve.

“MESH serves as the final ‘boost’ needed after intensive recovery…”

Hope is in the Name

The program is called M.E.S.H. (Micro Emergency Shelter House) and today marks the move in date for residents the 5th MESH house in Marysville. 3 women who were formerly drug-addicted and homeless in Marysville will be residents in MESH 5. But it’s not a dorm or a “flop house”. It’s not a locked-down facility, but a home. Each person in a MESH house has their own room, makes their own decisions and (with support from AC3 and EGM) works with their roommates to manage the house. Furthermore, MESH serves as the final “boost” needed after intensive recovery, but before the practicalities of life on their own fully kick-in. This is hope for the homeless when even the hardest working individuals can’t clear some road blocks… without a hand-up.

The Living Room at MESH 5

Hope in the Future

As AC3 Seeds of Grace ministry looks to the future, projects like MESH are a compass showing the way. For example: highly collaborative, centered outside church walls and driven by the gifts and passions of the people of the church. Where do your passions point? Check out AC3 Applications to explore.

Many “Thanks!” to MESH 5 Partners

The City of Marysville; Marysville PD (Rochelle Long and Officer Mike Buell); Everett Gospel Mission; Judd & Black; Schaefer-Shipman Funeral Home; Marysville Police Officers Association; Damascus Road Church; Bethlehem Lutheran Church (Penny and Time Dry…you are amazing!) and the people of Allen Creek Community Church.


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  1. Jan

    So excited to see the new MESH house come together. Thanks to everyone that helped with furnishings etc. Praying for success for the new residents. Recovery leads to a new life.

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