Open Prayer Night

*The prayer night is currently on hold, but this is still a good read!

Praying out loud in a group can be daunting, but like most things, with a little practice you can overcome your fear. Let me begin with a funny story about my first experience praying in a group, I think it’s humorously called “baptism by fire.”

Several years ago, when I stepped into the lead role at Seeds of Grace, I was asked to attend the weekly staff meetings. Upon attending my first meeting I discovered staff has what is referred to as the “prayer pot.” Inside the prayer pot are little pieces of paper with names of people, groups, events, etc. Each person draws a piece of paper from the pot and that is what or who you are to pray for… the meeting……OUTLOUD! I had very limited experience praying out loud and here I sit with what I considered the “elite” prayer people at AC3. Sweat was starting to form on my forehead.  When the pot finally makes its way to me, I draw none other than Rick Thiessen. 

I was terrified. What on earth was I going to say about the Senior Pastor, out loud, in front of him without sounding like a fool?  I sat there in fear listening to each staff member pray their beautiful, articulate words for who/what they had drawn and then…. its my turn. To be honest, I really have no idea what I said but I think it was along the lines of “Lord, thank you for Rick.” And that was it. I was sure at that point everyone knew what a failure I was at prayer, at least that is what Satan was telling me in my thoughts. 

As the weeks passed praying in a group setting became easier. I always had to keep in mind that I was talking to God, not the other people around the table so it didn’t matter if my words were beautiful and articulate to their ears, it just matters that God knows what is in my heart. 

Don’t let the fear of what you think you sound like keep you from praying with others. Satan knows that prayer (especially in groups) are a Christians strongest weapon so of course he wants us to fear it. Focus instead on the fact that you are just having a conversation with God, not the other people in the room.

That said, did you know there is an Open Prayer night twice a month (1st and 3rd Thursdays) at AC3 in the wedge from 6:30-8pm. Come join myself and few others – I promise, it won’t be that scary. We don’t have a prayer pot but if you want to pray for Rick, I am sure he won’t mind 😊

~Written by Michelle Daniels