Morph/RELIC Preview (10/14 & 10/15)

Hey Parents! Welcome to this week’s parent preview. 

 Heart to heart time…

Last week we ended our series called “What do you think?” where we had group discussions on key issues your student’s Generation faces on the day-to-day. Those discussions were awesome, fun, and extremely eye-opening for us leaders and I’m hoping they were impactful for the students. 

Fun Fact, do you want to know what would make an impact 10 times greater than any youth group discussion? A meaningful conversation with the parent in their life. It’s true! You have a HUGE amount of influence in your student’s life. 

Conversations with your teen can be hard right? I know, I also have a teenager! Most often I just don’t know where to begin or how to ask a question that she can’t answer “fine”.

I have been reading a book that has really helped me gain insight into this next generation, the generation your kids are a part of, Gen Z. It’s called “So the next generation will know” by Sean McDowell and J. Warner Wallace. It dives into Generation Z and how we share the gospel with them and prepare them for the real world. I have found it super helpful and insightful. If you’re looking for a resource to help you grow in your relationship with your student and understand them better, I would highly recommend it.

I truly believe that if we can understand Gen Z better then we can begin to have meaningful, gospel-centered conversations with them!

Here is the Morph/RELIC preview for this week:

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Every other week the espresso stand is open an hour before youth group! Students can come to hang out, do homework or play foursquare in the parking lot. There are always fun drink specials going on so if you can, send your teen with a couple of bucks to spend. Hope to see them there!

Small Groups are set – We have decided to divide students up by GRADE. So when we break up into small groups students will be with other students in their on grade. Small group leaders should be touching base with you in the next few weeks to introduce themselves.

Game time – As usual, we’ll play some games! Games are a great way for students to build relationships and just have fun!

The “Talky” part – This week – Tender moments with Tyler

This week, our favorite youth leader Tyler will be sharing about some changes that are coming up for him and his family. If you haven’t heard, the Andersons are moving to Eastern Washington. We are all SUPER sad to see them go but we are praying for this next part of their adventure. We know God has great things in store for them and is going to use them in mighty ways!

INVESTIGATIONS continues this week! 

Happening on Tuesday nights during youth group, this class is built on questions about faith, God, creation, or the bible. We highly encourage students to attend! Either to ask questions or to gain answers to questions their friends may have. 

PARENTS, this is a great class to attend with your student! Investigations meets from 7-8:30 in the conference room for the month of October. 

Announcements for this week!

  • Sunday Morning Class continues this week, for Jr. High and High School students during our 10:30 service. Students are dismissed from the service and meet in the conference room. Bring your bible! 
  • Halloween/Harvest Party – DATE CHANGE ! We’ll have our Halloween/Harvest Party on October 30th! This party will be for both Jr high and High School students. Students can wear their costumes and we’ll have lots of fun games and food. Invite a friend!
  • Before you go… for Juniors and Seniors – “Adulting” is hard, and not just the “getting a job and paying bills” part! It’s hard to be a Christian out in the real world! This is a small group designed to provide a community where students can talk about the challenges they’ll face after high school. They’ll be going through the book “Before you go” by Gerald Fadayomi.
    •  They start meeting the first Saturday in November during the “extended” portion of the service. Contact Sarah Ade to connect with this group. (425)418-2141 or


We want to continue to remind you that we want your opinion! Our church is in an evaluation process called 20/20 Vision. Our next step in the process is personal interviews. VitalChurch will be sending a team to AC3 to interview as many people as possible. We really value your input and hope that each and every one of you will participate. The information collected will be confidential and not shared directly with the AC3 leadership—this is an opportunity for you to be totally transparent and authentic in your comments.

The interviews will be 

November 22 & 23

You can sign up for your own Interview today! Just click Events inside of your Church Center App. 

A paper sign-up is also available at the Info Center.

Questions? 360-659-SEEK

That’s it for this week! Hope to see you there. Remember to invite a friend!