Why VisionCast? Committing Hammer to Nail

Visioncast: Committing to Hammer and Nails

    I bet you might be thinking the obvious connection with the title “Committing to Hammer and Nails”.   It is true God did use hammer and nails in His plan to save us all…but this is not what I am referring to by my title.  

    As I was preparing to write this blog, I pondered what to write about and was stuck.  So, I took on the task of repairing the fence and a raised garden bed that had been damaged by the lawn mower.  As I worked, I got to thinking about this weekend’s Visioncast, its theme, and what I could say about it. I asked myself over and over what it was about Visioncast I could share with you that might enlighten you to why we do it, what it means to me, and hopefully encourage you to join us.

    It was not until I had already mended the garden bed and was going around my fence driving in nails that had come loose that I got it.  Mending, strengthening, fixing, restoring; these are the reasons for Visioncast. We (AC3) as a church are a family, and like my fence and garden bed, we get pulled apart, weakened, and separated as time goes by.  Visioncast is our chance as a church to breakout the hammer and nails, mortar and glue, and do the much-needed maintenance our lives and church family need.  

    It is more than just a new coat of paint; Visioncast is about coming together to learn from each other, commune with one another, and restore our connections.  In a sense, this is our time to drive in the nails that have come loose in our relationships, bind ourselves into the community, be restored, and replenished. From the main messages and worship to the breakout groups and even the free time, we are all rolling up our sleeves, picking up our tools, and declaring to the world we are AC3.

    Just like my fence which is still old, but with a little mending still holds up and defends the perimeter.  With a commitment to hammer, nails, and a little time we can all be made stronger. And like my garden box, we can all help each other to cultivate new growth and produce the fruit God wants from us and why He saved us.  Hmm…maybe this IS about the hammer and nails He used in His plan after all.

-Written by Christian Love