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Living Waters was established in 2005 when the members of AC3 showed a desire to serve not only locally, but globally as well. Our first mission trip was to Brazil and shortly after to Malawi, Africa. Pakistan became a partner in 2008. Over the years Living Waters has grown and changed immensely. God has been guiding us to where he sees fit which has led us on our most recent mission trip to the Dominican Republic in 2023.

Our Partnerships

As we continue to evaluate primary global partners, we will follow these guidelines to make sure we are making the most impact and partnering with organizations that align with AC3’s mission and values.

  • Financial Support: Does the country need financial support and have specific holistic, spiritual, and community development projects that LW funds can go toward? (When Helping Hurts)
  • Relationship & Communication: Does the country desire to have a long-lasting relationship and regular communication with AC3? 
  • Mission Trips: Each global partner should be able to host regular mission trips. Must be organized and have an indigenous leader on the ground who is able to help guide a mission group.

How can I get involved?

  1. Pray for our primary partnerships with Malawi and the Dominican Republic.
  2. Pray for our secondary partnerships with Brazil and Pakistan who we support on an emergency request and specific needs basis.
  3. You can give financially at
  4. Consider joining a LW committee as a volunteer.
  5. Let us know if you are interested in joining us on our next mission trip.
If caring for others across the globe interests you, please contact the Living Waters Board.
  • Sophia Garcia (Chair)
  • Alex Ghelli
  • Christian Love
  • Dwayne Straume
  • Nolan Strawn

DR Partnership (New 2023)

Our newest international partner is the Dominican Republic led by Pastor Rafael Sosa at Iglesia Bautista Nueva Palestina. (Sosa Family shown in photo) We were introduced to the DR team, by our Associate Pastor Alex Ghelli. Alex helped organize a mission trip to the DR in 2023 which lit a fire for several members of AC3.

While in the DR we worked closely with the following organizations: 

  • Fundación Compartiendo con Gozo, a small school run by Pastor Rafael’s church.
  • Centro Educativo Barrio Lindo, a larger private school started by the church.
  • Lily House, a shelter for young women escaping human trafficking.
  • Hogar de Ancianos Monte Cristi, an elderly home in a poverty-stricken neighborhood.
  • Beyond the Game Ministries, which provides baseball training to children. 

The Dominican Republic produces many professional baseball players and it is a significant sport in the area. The area in which Pastor Rafael serves is underdeveloped so many local children and families can’t afford the proper gear or training. Beyond the Game meets kids where they are, making it easier to present the gospel to them. They do this through running drills and playing games. While doing this we see many students come to know Jesus.

Find more photos and info about our 2023 DR Mission Trip 2023 HERE!

We are so blessed to be able to partner with the DR because they have such a passion for serving in their community and we definitely want to be part of the amazing work they are doing. 

Malawi Partnership (2007 – Current)

A fresh enthusiasm for missions came upon AC3 after a team of leaders attended Willow’s Global Leadership Summit in August of 2007, where love and concern for the African people were presented. Shortly after the summit, a group of ten AC3’rs committed to going on a vision trip to Africa to see and touch the needs firsthand. It was exciting to see our new global friends which includes Sam Kawale who understands and embraces the benefit of building a growing society on Biblical principles. (Kawale Family shown in photo)

There have been several families from AC3 that have since stepped out of their comfort zone and traveled to Malawi. Their hope was to make new friendships and to partner with Malawi in their farming, medical, and business ventures. It is the desire of the LW Board to put together a not-to-distant mission trip to Malawi. Are you interested? Let us know!

2023 Fall Fundraising Project – A Home for Chiku, Josefe, and Chipi in Malawi, Africa. Share this link to help raise funds and awareness.

Contact David, founder of E3 Worldwide, with your Malawi questions and ideas on how you might support Living Waters,  E3 Worldwide, and our Malawi friends.

So much life change and community progress has happened and is still happening in Malawi since 2007. Check out Sam Kawale’s Facebook page. God’s plan has been incredible to watch.

Secondary Partnerships

We have secondary partnerships with Brazil and Pakistan in which we support on an emergency request and specific needs basis.


The first organization that Living Waters partnered with was the Alpha School in Brazil which our Project VA’ mission team visited in 2005. In 2007, the school was in need of a printer so Living Waters donated a new printer to them. Since then, several other projects have been completed. You can connect with Ken and Lori and hear their story on their website


Pakistan is a predominately Muslim nation and it is often dangerous for Christians to preach the gospel or openly practice their faith. Our first support for Logos Ministries came by answering an appeal by Pastor Rashid for 300 Bibles to be distributed to people hungry for the Word of God in January 2008 and other project support has since followed. You can find out more about Rashid and Logos Ministries of Pakistan on Facebook. 

Check out AC3’s local compassion ministry, where we help meet needs in our local community and our church.

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