Living Waters

Global Missions: Three Partnerships, Three Unique Stories

Living Waters is our foreign missions team overseeing our partnerships around the globe.

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Brazil Partnership – 2005

Ken & Lori Stucky – ALPHA

AC3’s first global outreach mission team went to Brazil under the name of Project VA’ in 2005. One of the participants came home with an idea; To find, partner and form relationships with churches throughout the world that would allow for a free exchange of ideas and support. The elders liked the idea so much that Living Waters was granted an operating budget to get the idea rolling. 

The first organization that Living Waters partnered with was the school in Brazil that the Project VA’ team visited. In 2007, the school was in need of a printer so Living Waters donated a new printer to them. Since then, several other projects have been completed. You can connect with Ken and Lori and hear their story on their website

Malawi, Africa Partnership – 2007

Eppersons – GUSU

A fresh enthusiasm for missions came upon AC3 after a team of leaders attended Willow’s Global Leadership Summit in August of 2007, where love and concern for the African people were presented. Shortly after the summit, a group of ten AC3’rs committed to going on a vision trip to Africa to see and touch the needs first hand. It was exciting to see our new global friends grasp the benefit of building a growing society on Biblical principles. 

There have been several families from AC3 that have since stepped out of their comfort zone and traveled to Malawi. Their hope has been to make new friendships and to partner with Malawi in their farming, medical and business ventures. 

Check out E3 Worldwide, where God continues to provide opportunities to Educate, Empower & Employ those in Gusu and in the surrounding villages. 

Contact David with your Malawi questions and for ideas on how you might support Living Waters and our Malawi friends.

Pakistan Partnership – 2008

Pastor Rashid – LOGOS

AC3’s third international church partner is Logos Ministries of Pakistan led by Senior Pastor/Chairman Rashid Masih. Our partnership in Pakistan began through a chance meeting/divine appointment between Rick Thiessen, our senior pastor, and Rashid Masih while Rick was on a short term mission to Malawi in the winter of 2007. You can find out more about Rashid and Logos Ministries of Pakistan on Facebook. 

Pakistan is a predominately Muslim nation and it is often dangerous for Christians to preach the gospel or openly practice their faith. Our first support for Logos Ministries came by answering an appeal by Pastor Masih for 300 Bibles to be distributed to people hungry for the Word of God in January 2008. Since then, we have provided support and assistance to buy additional Bibles, medical supplies and aid, a motorcycle for Pastor Rashid to travel from Lahore to the churches in the outlying area that he ministers to, and emergency shelter, food, and water during the massive flooding in Pakistan in August 2010. Pakistan was our Year-End Project because many families are living in Pakistan our still without adequate shelter, blankets, and warm clothing. Logos Ministries is attempting to help some 200 families with urgent necessities and has appealed to Allen Creek Community Church for aid. 

AC3 has two main goals with our Pakistan partnership: 

  • To encourage the minority, persecuted Christians (less than 3% of Pakistanis are Christians) who frequently suffer for their faith.
  • To better understand what Logos Ministries is doing, and how AC3 can partner with Logos to help.

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In a mission-focused series called, ‘Where in the World is AC3’, we discovered how we as a church are reaching out to people in need around the world. 

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