Leading Small to Yield God-sized Results

If we want to influence what kids believe about God, themselves, and the rest of the world, we need to give them somewhere to belong.” Reggie Joiner

Kreek Kids has recently made a decision to ‘Lead Small’ while looking for God-sized results! What does this mean in actual practice?

Mavis’ Art Class
  • In order to impact the next generation, we are creating intentional small group experiences where kids can have fun learning and where relationships can grow.  For us, this means Sunday morning breakout groups have started for our 4th & 5th graders where kids may explore the arts, learn something new or review what they’ve learned in their large group time for the day in a creative way.  
  • Starting in October, we are starting a weekly small group, for 1st & 2nd-grade girls, during Sunday morning 10:30 am services with Miss Dea and Michelle! Dea currently teaches our preschool class once-a-month on our Saturday team and wants to do more to impact the next generation of heroes at AC3. This group of girls will meet in our ‘Orange’ Room which we love! Why? We believe the Orange strategy of partnering with parents and caring adults is a winner and we have attended the Orange Tour the last three years. What a great room to start this weekly group!

Below is an email from Miss Dea to our parents. Feeling the nudge?  This can be your invitation to ‘Lead Small’ with us. Enjoy!

Dear Parents, 

For those of you who don’t know me my name is Deanna Braaten. Many of you may know me as Miss Dea. 

My husband and I have been long-time supporters of Kreek Kids and our adult children have all been part of children’s ministry in one way or another. Our youngest daughter is currently a Kreek Kid.

I have been praying about where God is leading me in Kreek Kids. Over the last few years, several key things have taken place in my life. 

First, with my own daughter beginning elementary school, I see the need for strong faith conversations in this developmental age range. Secondly, attending the annual Orange conference reinforces my belief in partnering with families to build a strong faith foundation. And finally, I have a deep desire to serve in ministries that promote legacy. 

With all that said, I’m joining Twila in the development of Kreek Kids breakouts and small group leader implemented lessons. 

Your child is invited to join me and Michelle Daniels on Sundays in the orange room for small group lessons and activities. Your child will begin in ‘big’ church as usual and be dismissed during the service. They will meet in the blue room for the big idea and the large group time. We then will bring our small group to the orange room (Prepare the Way Classroom) for our lesson. You are able to pick up your child from us there at 11:45. This small group time is set aside specifically for 1st and 2nd-grade girls. 

We are very excited to see how this small group builds strong faith foundations and positive and encouraging relationships. The idea that each child grows and develops a sense of identity, belonging and purpose in Christ is at the forefront of our approach to children’s ministry. 

Our initial plan is to implement our breakouts and small groups each Sunday from October to May. 

Please let me or Twila know if you have any questions. You may also be thinking this sounds like something you may be interested in joining too! Come talk with us. We’d love to chat over coffee or tea.  

Thank you, 
Most Sincerely

Miss Dea