First Fruits Farm – Closed 11/2021

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This C.S.A. gardening and mission-minded group of individuals from AC3 and our local community plant, cultivate, harvest vegetables, keep mason bees and share the harvest. You might say, “I’ve heard of this! It’s a C.S.A. (Community Supported Agriculture)!” You’re partially right…but there’s MORE!  While CSA’s are not a new idea, making it a ‘Gospel’ endeavor might be! Where a CSA simply provides it’s paying customers with produce, First Fruits adds a few wrinkles:   

Most members provide the labor to grow the food themselves; co-op style. In past years, a significant amount of our harvest was donated to Seeds of Grace. Our future includes growing food for our families, our neighbors, and our local community food bank. 


Loving God, one another, and our community by producing and sharing wholesome foods in a Christ-centered community. 

How Our Co-op Works

If you an AC3er, or a friend of one, consider joining us! At the farm, you’ll learn FUN basic farming skills. You’ll also gain or share your gardening knowledge with others.