Why Church on a Blanket?

So for those of you who may not know how or why church on a blanket got started, I will give you a brief history…  Almost a decade ago my then-wife Cammy asked me if I would help her do an event in our yard during the pause. Its purpose was to gather our friends and family from the church for a backyard picnic-style event. It would be open to everyone and we could put signs out then invite our neighbors, which we did. As we shared our idea with people from the church the desire of people to be a part of it increased and boom we had our volunteers for the day of the event. The first year we had Blake Paine a then AC3er preach a message. And we played minute to win it games at the tail end of it.

 At the close of the day when the last guest had left and the last paper plate had been thrown away we sat back at the fire pit and talked about how good today was. We met people we did not know, and we made new friends. It seemed as though people connected on a level that we hadn’t seen before It was as though the cliques that do exist were thrown away for the day and it felt like family had come to visit. The day left its mark on our yard and our hearts. 

A lot has changed in my life since then but the reason I continue to do Church on a Blanket is still the same. It feels like a family reunion, It feels more personal than inside the building, and it blesses the lives of those who come, and it certainly continues to bless my life. 

This year its location changed because my friends wanted to make it easier on my physical body, due to my struggle with ALS.  So new spot same gig. Come as you are, invite a neighbor or family member or a friend. Bring food you like or something to share or nothing and enjoy the abundance of the food that comes. I hear there’s secret stuff brewing behind the scenes… but I won’t pry (YET).