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This is perhaps the most valuable item modern American’s have. We value our time above most other things, and we work hard to create TIME to do the things we want to do most. So what an amazing gift to manage your time in such a way as to make God your highest priority. Spending time in church services, in private prayer, study and serving in a ministry are all great examples, but so is limiting the time spent on things that don’t particularly add to life – how much overtime do you spend just…well because it’s expected? How much screen time could be used to help others or to be with God? How much time is spent working to make the money, do the maintenance and worrying about all the stuff and activities that don’t really last?


Every disciple of Jesus is unique. We worship the same God, but we have each been given a different set of gifts and talents to give away. In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul explains that God gives each of us one or more spiritual gifts, divine enablements or “talents” that we are to use to glorify God and lift up those around us. Some people just seem to have the God-given gift of communication, or mercy, or organization or leadership. Those gifts can be given back to God by using them for HIS purposes. The same holds true with our personalities – each so unique, and when brought to God humbly, He can use the super-social and creative types, just as effectively as he can use the superorganized and introverted types. There’s also life experience. The things in your story that make you who you are can be used by God to connect with others and even bring healing and hope to others who need it.


It likely comes as no surprise, but money plays a role in giving too. Jesus talked a lot about money, but not like the guys with bad hairdos on TV do. He talked about how money can be a trap, and that giving money, using our treasure to help others and advance causes in the world, is also a way of becoming free from slavery to money. For 2000 years, right up until today, people giving in Jesus’ name has lead to hospitals, schools, medical research, orphanages, disaster relief and countless other benefits to all of mankind. What will you do with your Time, Talents & Treasures God gave you?


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