Meet C.A.R.L.

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C.A.R.L. came to life using the data collected during AC3’s Five Year Initiative planning process which started in 2009. Programs and ministries, current and proposed, are still evaluated by filtering them through C.A.R.L. This helps ensure that they meet one of our overall ministry objectives: Compassion, Alignment, Relationship, and Legacy.


  • Being a church “without walls” means we look for opportunities to extend compassion directly into our neighborhoods; locally and globally.
  • Compassion will be under-girded with the extension of dignity.
  • We seek to understand and serve the WHOLE person, recognizing that each one has assets which can be developed for their own progress.


  • We strive for programmatic simplicity by emphasizing church-wide learning through one big idea.
  • Team leaders create time and bring their hearts to the planning process.
  • AC3 ministries and programs are evaluated regularly in relationship and are valued.


  • A variety of environments (Containers or “programs”) in which discipling relationships develop and grow.
  • Communicate clear, simple NEXT STEPS for every person who intersects with AC3.
  • Acknowledge the change in “relational temperature” at different points in the cycle. 


  • AC3 must reach to, and embrace the next generation more intentionally.
  • The next generation is hungry for relationship with “older” believers.
  • Impersonal programmed approaches are generally rejected by the next generation.