AC3 + Kreek Kids Parents = A Great Partnership

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As we head into one of the biggest KidMin seasons ever, I’d like to share a couple of reasons why partnering with Kreek Kids is a great idea, and hopefully, in a way, you may have never thought about before. Because when we combine the LIGHT of the church with the LOVE of the home*, we create real opportunities to help entire families grow in their faith!

When someone chooses to help in Kreek Kids, they help fulfill AC3’s #1 mission…to create a SAFE place for seekers to become fully devoted followers of Christ. And yes! That includes our littlest seekers at AC3.

Now I know not everyone feels they have what it takes to work with kids, but one of the best ways you can help support our kids is to support those who do; our parents, teachers, and helpers. Kreek Kids, A Co-op Ministry.

So when you help in Kreek Kids, you provide parent support. Helping as little as just once-a-month, you help provide SAFE staffing ratios in Kreek Kids, giving our visiting parents, the confidence that their child will be SAFE with us! And when parents feel their kids are SAFE and having fun, they can relax and soak in the weekend’s message.

And when you help in Kreek Kids, you provide teacher support. Our teaching teams need and deserve a healthy support system. Even the most committed Kreek Kids volunteers are sometimes left feeling alone and wondering if what they do matters. When you choose to serve along-side of them as little as once-a-month, you can encourage them (be there cheerleader when needed) helping them feel valued and supported. When you do, they will become better at what they do and be reassured that they are making a difference and are part of the bigger picture at AC3!

Now, I’ve saved the best reason for partnering with Kreek Kids for last…This next year we are projecting to have our biggest group of 1-5th graders ever in one room; Saturday or Sunday depending on when families choose to attend. So we are actively looking for age-level teachers or something new we’re calling Breakout Buddies for our 1&2 or 3-5th graders; boys, girls or both. An example of a Breakout Buddy’s day would look something like this: You would start in the main classroom with our 1-5th graders for about 20 min. during large group teaching time. You would then be dismissed with your small group of kids (5-6) to another room for a craft, carpentry project, baking or game time, sewing project, science experiment, music, dance or another activity of the Breakout Buddy’s choice!

So if you like to bake for example, and we’re talking about the Israelite’s eating Manna, you can become a Baking Breakout Buddy for the day and help the kids bake a yummy cookie to help them remember their lesson.

And did I said you can serve as little as once-a-month in Kreek Kids? 😉

So during July, pick up your copy of our Kreek Kids Entry Level Positions at the Info Desk and let’s chat about options over coffee! Just sign up to have coffee with me this month and you’ll be able to ASK ANYTHING about Kreek Kids!

Our Kreek Kids Team looks forward to partnering with YOU,
Twila  360-659-7335 EXT. 202


AC3 + Kreek Kids Parents = A Great Partnership   



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