Celebrating a ’10’ Year Partnership!

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With Legacy in mind, the Kreek Kids ministry team along with insights from AC3 families and leadership, officially became a cooperative partnership ministry in the 2009/2010 ministry year!

At that time we understood and believed two things to be true. First, that parents really are the number one influencers in their child’s life. Secondly, that a traditional Sunday School model would not continue to work for us and who we were as a church.

Knowing we could no longer effectively do children’s ministry or provide safe staffing ratios without the support of both AC3ers and Kreek Kids parents working together, AC3’s Kreek Kids Co-op Ministry was born!

When we serve together and with Legacy in mind, we have the ability to create environments where kids feel welcome, have fun while learning Biblical truths creatively and we become a SAFE place for visiting parents to drop off their kids with confidence during weekend services. Our Kreek Kids partnership and co-op format is the key to what we call the BEST HOUR in every family’s week!

AC3 is still passionate today about leaving a legacy of faith for the next generation and currently uses C.A.R.L. as a filter to help ensure that we are meeting  our Compassion, Alignment, Relationship and Legacy objectives. Because AC3 wants to continue to be relevant to seekers of all ages in our local community, a new Direction Team is being organized. This team will use a similar process that was used during our Five Year Planning Initiative in which C.A.R.L. was formed. They’ll be collecting fresh data about our growing neighborhoods, how we currently invite our friends to church and much more. This team will be under the direction of our Pastoral Team and Elder Board.

As AC3’s Kreek Kids Director, it’s always hard to do the BIG ASK and let others know there are needs in our ministry and we do have a few. So if leaving a legacy of faith with the next generation of faith is important to you but you’re not sure you have what it takes, let’s chat over a latte! It’s not as scary as you think:)

Help Us Celebrate ’10’!

The Church + Home = Greater Impact Light (yellow) + Love (red) = Orange

Choose to do just ONE thing, a ONE time serve option to help support our Kreek Kids in the coming year. Looking for a total of 10+ serving opportunities filled by someone NOT currently serving in Kreek Kids. What a great way to tell our parents and volunteers ‘I see you and I support you’ in the coming ministry year 2019-2020.

A few Celebrate ’10’ one-time serve opportunities include:

    • Behind-the-scenes cleaning, organizing and classroom prep options
    • Provide childcare during one of our Kreek Kids Team Training
    • Provide childcare during a Child Dedication class or team meeting
    • Be a substitute classroom or nursery helper
    • KK Entry-Level Positions PDF
Call me with any questions you might have. I look forward to celebrating the NEXT ’10’ years of partnership with you! Twila & Kreek Kids Team 

360-659-7335 EXT. 202

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Kreek Kids Mission: Partnering with Parents to Raise Up the next generation of Heroes in the Faith!  


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