You Got This-Week 2-Grace

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Oh, how I have loved Justice.
How I have let her comfort me in times of trouble,
when I am certain I am right.
I hang my arm around the shoulders of Justice,
lifting up my chin, ready to face off with my opponent.
Justice is beautiful, clear, and precise.
Justice is from God, and my craving for her is because
he made me in his image.
His love for Justice is mine.

Sometimes I abuse Justice and use her as a weapon.
I assume I am her only friend, and that she owes me her loyalty.
I boast that she lives at my house, and that I alone can interpret her meaning.
It feels good and right.
Sometimes I abuse Justice.

But then….Justice pulls away and reveals
she is not on my side this time.
She threatens everything
by exposing where I have failed.
And though I agree with Justice,
I cannot bear our parting of ways.

And then, Justice introduces her companion, Mercy.
Mercy has always been with Justice; they depend on each other,
but I have ignored Mercy when it suites me.
When I should introduce her to someone else.
When Justice alone makes me look better.

But in this time, when Justice unapologetically
judges everything with her swift sentence,
Mercy pulls me in for a hug.
Mercy slings her arm around my shoulder and
lifts my chin, ready to face off with my opponent.
Mercy gives a knowing nod to justice,
and the two of them judge me as righteous.
Mercy does not ignore the truth of my failing.
She lives not in spite of it, but because of it.

The beauty of this exchange brings me to my knees.
My shoulders relax.
I breathe more deeply, finally exhaling.
I know Justice is right, but that Mercy is also right.
These two companions belong together,
and it is clear I have neglected their joint power.

Sometimes I abuse Mercy and use her as a hall pass.
I assume Mercy will always be there to catch me,
And I forget to be deeply grateful.
I deliberately don’t introduce her to my friends.
I can almost pretend Justice is all I need.
And then Grace reminds me,
Because Grace is also their companion
And understands my limitations.
Sometimes I abuse Mercy.

I am inconsistent, wobbly and forgetful.
I am harsh, lazy, and distracted.
I am judgmental, judged and saved.
I am friends with Justice, Mercy and Grace.

~Written by Lori Caperoon