Earth Gifts-Elemental-Week 3

“Craftsmanship is one my giftings.”  

I remember many years ago about the time that the first Matrix movie came out, Dan Hazen taught a class about how to measure what your God-given giftings are, and how to apply them to serve the church. Through that class, I learned my top gift was craftsmanship. At that time we had just finished remodeling the church, so that builder side of me was all done and hungry for something else… But now what?

After taking the class, like I said, I found that my highest scoring gift was craftsmanship, but somehow that didn’t surprise me. I thought it might be that, anyway. After the class, I asked Dan how I can get my craftsmanship gifts in the game and his answer would change the direction of my life for the next 10 plus years.

Dan told me to check with Johnna and see if she needed a hand with the drama side of the props or drama sets. When I checked with her, she said, ” I need the Nebuchadnezzar built for a fight scene”. I asked her, “the what?” She told me to rent the movie The Matrix and watch it. I had a hard time finding it, but after 10 days of waiting for it to show up at the Hollywood Video store I watched it and got busy. I have made many things since that day. Hundreds of different sets. Using wood, styrofoam, sheetrock, siding, plaster, paint, hot glue, rubber cement, plastic pipes, thousands of screws, bolts, chain and wires, and gallons and gallons of paint. It has been very rewarding and very sacrificing. I took it to a new level a few times, it was challenging but it was NEVER too hard to do because God gave me what I needed to do it all. All I needed to do was manage my time, and be willing to serve. And pray for His guidance and empowerment.

There was a time or two where I tried to do it all by my own strength and abilities only to come to my senses by hearing the words of my coffee bearing friend the next morning after pulling an all-nighter. “How’s it going?” he would say. I’d answer him “Can’t you tell?” He asked me, “please tell me you prayed first” and I would stop dead in my tracks and just stare at him tired and with a sense of defeat, I would reply “uhhmmm no I did not.” We would stop and sit quietly and my friend Joe would pray for me. And almost instantly my giftings would come alive. And the project would prevail.

I have taken a 5-year break from most of the stage creations, but the fire has returned and I hope to be busy at it again soon. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as accomplishing something God made you to do. My hope is that God is glorified by the efforts spent serving his Bride, the Church. So take the test, find your giftings, then find some time and get involved, it’s a wonderful experience when you’re doing it with Him at your side.

Wayne Clinton
Elder at AC3